Nitric Oxide: The "Miracle Molecule"

A Nobel Prize-Winning Discovery

Dr. Louis J. Ignarro

Nitric oxide was discovered by Dr. Louis J. Ignarro, Department of Molecular and Medical Pharmacology, UCLA School of Medicine. His discovery was so profound Dr. Ignarro was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1998. His discovery is heralded in scientific circles as the "Miracle Molecule."


Nitric Oxide Widens Arteries & Increases Blood Flow to Body’s Cells

Dr. Ignarro learned when nitric oxide, a simple molecule, enters a cell it stimulates a process that relaxes and dilates blood vessels. This increases blood flow that delivers life-enriching and healing oxygen and nutrients to your body’s cells.



Loss of Up to 85% of Nitric Oxide Leads to Disease & Aging Infirmities

In our youth our body is awash in nitric oxide. As we get older, especially into our 40’s,  50’s and 60’s+, nitric oxide is reduced by up to 85%. This reduction is the main cause of the infirmities associated with aging—the narrowing and hardening of arteries, plaque build up, reduced circulation, heart disease, stroke, impaired immune system, chronic pain and soreness, loss of memory, impotence, reduced endurance and loss of energy.


Dr Solomon Snyder,  Director of Neuroscience at John Hopkins Medical School said, regarding the profound nature of nitric oxide,  " In my 25 years of research, I have never seen a molecule  (nitric oxide) that so pervasively influences normal and abnormal body functions."

In Your 60's and Beyond

As you get older your arteries, due to a lack of nitric oxide, get more and more narrow and less oxygen and nutrient-rich blood gets to your cells and organs. This begins to accelerate the aging process. Our skin wrinkles, our hair grays and thins, arthritic pain (inflammation) settles into our joints, our blood pressure rises, arteries harden, thicken and clog, we become insulin resistant, overweight and pre-diabetic, our mental acuity and memory become diminished, impotence settles in, energy and vitality are sapped and we lose the zest for life we had when we were younger. Basically we , like grass without water, begin to wither and die as less and less blood flows to our cells and organs.


The good news is this process can be reversed and youthful health regenerated. Dying grass comes back to life with water.  With the increased and long lasting nitric oxide production and nurition provided by Cardio Miracle you too can renew your life.

Narrowing of

Arteries Due

to Age-Related

Inability to

Produce Nitric Oxide

As We Age We Lose 85% of

Our Ability to Produce Nitric Oxide

Good News! Nitric Oxide Can
 Be Activated by Supplementation

The good news, Dr. Ignarro discovered, is nitric oxide can be activated in the aging population by supplementation. Once activated and in plentiful supply, Dr. Ignarro believes the symptoms of age-related diseases can be alleviated and even reversed through the adequate supplementation of this simple ”miracle molecule.”  The problem with other nitric oxide supplements is the nitric oxide stays in the system for only two hours.

Cardio Miracle stays in the system for 24 hours and has proven to be the best nitric oxide supplement available today to achieve the potential of Dr. Ignarro's discovery.


Disease & Pain Reversed —
Your Life Renewed and Vitalized

Imagine in only a few weeks being able to enjoy your middle to senior years with a healthy heart, low blood pressure and freedom from inflammation and pain
with a
sharpened mental state and strong memory. Imagine yourself as enthusiastic about life, with increased energy, endurance and vitality.


This dramatic renewal of life is what  happens when Cardio Miracle helps deliver abundant oxygen and nutrient-rich blood to your body's once starving and malnourished cells. Make your body and mind younger again with Cardio Miracle.

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CARDIO Miracle is the Most Potent
& Powerfully Effective Source of Nitric Oxide
Supplementation in the World Today

Cardio Miracle is a nitric oxide-stimulating supplement that comes in the form of a pleasant tasting tropical fruit-flavored powder-based drink. You take one scoop of the powder every day to raise nitric oxide levels within your  body. The power behind Cardio Miracle lies in its proprietary mixture of all-natural and organic nutritionals—vitamins. minerals, proteins and  amino acids. There are a total of about 30 different types of these nutrients in Cardio Miracle.


While there are other nitric oxide boosting products on the market today only Cardio Miracle:

  •        Gets into the bloodstream faster; *
  •        Stays longer (up to 24 hours) compared
            to a only a few hours with other products;*
  •        Produces longer lasting results or benefits.*


The most important ingredients are two proprietary blends. One proprietary blend contains blueberry, blackberry, and grape juice extract /concentrate. The other proprietary blend contains pomegranate fruit extract mixed with beet root crystals.

A third ingredient is resveratrol, which is one of the best ingredients for raising nitric oxide levels. Resveratrol is the same substance found in red wine that is purported to reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke.


Does Cardio Miracle Really Work?

Cardio Miracle has renewed and transformed the lives of thousands of people (see testimonials below). Does it really work as promised and is it the best nitric oxide supplement in the world today?


Ask Brian Clement, PhD, director of the world-famous Hippocrates Health Institute, an

ardent critic of supplements and the supplement industry and author of the best selling

book, "Supplements Exposed."  He believes:

"Cardio Miracle's nitric oxide formula and
extended delivery is not only profound but it takes
nitric oxide supplementation to a breakthrough
level never before achieved."


Harvard/MIT Physician Attests to Cardio Miracle's Effectiveness
n an article published by the Hippocrates Health Institute, "A Real Cardio Miracle,  Dr. John Helman shared his experience with Cardio Miracle.  Dr. Helman graduated with honors in Bio Chemistry from Rutgers and Harvard Universities and then received a dual Medical Degree with honors from a Harvard/MIT special program.  He said, “My blood pressure has been a major concern in my quest for excellent health . . . nothing seemed to work. Within three weeks on Cardio Miracle taken twice a day, my blood pressure dropped to normal, without medication.  I was so grateful to learn of this amazing product at Hippocrates, and am already recommending it to others. I guess I can say that I learned something really important at Hippocrates that I didn’t learn in the Harvard /MIT curriculum."

Here's what a daily dose of Cardio Miracle can do for you:

CARDIO Miracle's Many Benefits

Increased Oxygen and Nutrient-Rich Blood Flow to All of Your Body's Cells.
This Results in a Multitude of Improved Health and Anti-Aging Benefits

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CARDIOMiracle's Delicious
All-Natural, Organic Ingredients

Cardio Miracle's proprietary formulation of all-natural non-GMO, gluten-free organic ingredients is what makes it superior in quickly delivering large amounts of both nitric oxide to your blood stream to widen your arteries, veins, vessels and capillaries and deliver a multitude of health restoring nutrients (vitamins, minerals, amino acids) to your body's cells and organs.


Cardio Miracle incorporates a new process that dries and powders organic fruits and vegetables at 106 degrees or less through ultra-violet light. This provides the highest nutritional value and enzymes being retained in the processing and flavor.


List of Ingredients

L-Arginine (AAKG). L-Citrulline, Ornithine. AstraGin™, Fruit, Fiber/Prebiotic &

Vegetable Blend – Grape Seed Extract, Pine Bark, Watermelon Extract, Resveratrol, Hawthorn Berries, Proprietary Blend — Pomegranate fruit extract/beet root crystals, Fibers, Ionic Trace Minerals, Vitamin C, Vitamin K2 as MK-7, Vitamin D3, Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine HCI), Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin), Natural Vitamin E (as gamma tocopherol), Pure Organic Cane Sugar and Natural Flavors.


Click Here  for Detailed Description of Ingredients

John Hewlett (L) with son Jason at John's 64th Birthday Party

Click Here to Read Jason's Tribute to His Father

Each single .78 LB/330g Cardio Miracle package contains 30 individual single-serve packets.

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Any and all features, articles and discussions of the health benefits of Nitric Oxide are intended for educational purposes only and in no way should be taken as medical advise. We encourage you to make health care diagnosis based upon personal research and in partnership with a qualified healthcare professional.

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CARDIO Miracle Users Share Their "Miracle" Stories

"American Fork Coach Grateful to Be Alive" KSL-TV
BYU Football Great & NFL Defensive Lineman

John Hunter's Miraculous Recovery

"Prayers and the nitric oxide supplement given to me by my friend Jason
Buck  helped save my life.  I now use Cardio Miracle everyday to sustain my
health & well being." — John Hunter

Top Nitric Oxide Researcher/Expert Attests to Cardio Miracle's Effectiveness

"I have researched, recommended, and spoken about nitric oxide supplementation throughout the world over the past decade. I now use Cardio Miracle twice daily, and have found it to be the finest formulation of this generation by far. "—  Dr. Joseph Prendergast, Nitric Oxide Expert, Retired Endocrinologist, Palo Alto, CA


Emotion Code Author. "Family History of Brain Aneurysms"
“Cardio Miracle is one of the few supplements my wife and I take every single day. The incredible benefits of nitric oxide are well known, and the Cardio Miracle formula is superior to any formula that I have used. I believe that everyone should be on this formula to help protect and promote their health. In my own family we have a history of brain aneurysms. Cardio Miracle is my preventive nutrition to minimize that risk for me. Highly recommended!" —  Dr. Bradley Nelson, Author of The Emotion Code

Saved from Heart Failure. "Now I Believe in Miracles"

"After a near-fatal heart attack and subsequent heart failure I believed any hope for a healthy life was permanently out of reach for me. Cardio Miracle changed all that. Every day brings new and exciting improvements to my health and stamina. I was skeptical at first. Now, I believe in miracles."
— Kurt Dowdle, Burley, ID, Age 58


7 Habits Co-Editor : "No More Neuropathy . . "
For me, Cardio Miracle has been the perfect gift. It has done more for me in one year than medicine has done in the previous forty. The neuropathy in my fingers and toes is gone. I sleep better. I’m healthier, stronger, have more energy. Cardio Miracle gives me a sense of health security that I don’t get from big pharma or establishment medicine." —  Ken Shelton, Provo, Utah, Founder of Leadership Excellence, Co-editor with Steven Covey on 7 Habits of Highly Effective People


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The Man & the Story Behind the

Development of CARDIO Miracle


Nine years ago John Hewlett was a successful but ill-health-ravaged 55 year-old Utah financial consultant and insurance professional. He was literally counting his remaining days left on the earth.


He was for several decades overweight by more than 75 pounds, was pre-diabetic, had erratically high blood pressure, gout, edema and chronic pain all over his body. John had approached the age in years that heart failure and disease had prematurely laimed the lives of his father, uncle and his well-know grandfather Lester Hewlett, president of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.


Cardiologist Recommends Immediate Bypass Surgery.  John Refuses

During complications from a routine appendectomy (John almost died twice during this surgery) John's blood pressure and EKG was so dangerously high that the chief cardiologist insisted John have immediate exploratory and highly risky bypass heart surgery.


Fearing for his life, John refused the surgery looking for safer, all natural solution for his life-threatening ills. He learned about the promise of Dr. Ignazzio’s nitric oxide research. He located a nitric-oxide supplement supplier and began taking mega doses of it every day.


New Nitric Oxide Research Was Quickly Emerging

Though this supplementation was at first helpful in stimulating the production of John’s nitric oxide, the delivery of the nitric oxide benefits took quite a while to be realized and the benefits dissipated too quickly for John’s needs.


John Hewlett  Visits World’s Leading Nitric Oxide Scientists to Learn More

John had success with existing nitric oxide supplements but many of his friends and contacts had lesser results. This motivated Hewlett to see if there was a better approach to nitric oxide supplementation. So John traveled to Palo Alto to meet with physicians who were at the forefront of nitric oxide research to learn all he could about nitric oxide.


The physicians confirmed that a daily supplementation of a simple amino acid called L-arginine could help stimulate nitric oxide production. They also told John if L-arginine could be combined with other unique nutrients — or ”super charged” —you would need less expensive L-arginine, the production of nitric oxide could be much faster, greater and remain in the body much longer than if stimulated by L-arginine alone.


Since no such product existed John set out create one.  After nine years of research and development with top physicians and nitric oxide scientists John developed a new “super charged” nitric oxide-boosting formula he calls “Cardio Miracle.”


John believes his new formulation takes existing nitric oxide supplements from a "horse to a Porsche.”  His Cardio Miracle formulation produces more nitric oxide in the body, produces it faster and makes it stay longer (24 hours) compared to 2-hour durations of traditional outdated nitric-oxide boosting supplements.


Dedicated His Life to Sharing the  Nitric Oxide Cardio Miracle Discovery

As the founder of Evolution Nutraceuticals, the manufacturer and distributor of Cardio Miracle, John Hewlett has dedicated his life to sharing the nitric oxide discovery and the Cardio Miracle formulation with those who are suffering from the disease/health-ravaging effects of the loss of nitric oxide. He enthusiastically shares the news about the "miraculous" ability of Cardio Miracle to regenerate nitric oxide in the arteries, veins, amd capillaries to reduce and even reverse the effects of age-related disease. John considers this his life's calling and mission—to help people overcome disease and enjoy life to the fullest.

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